Why do we give?

God has given us all that we have--which includes, but is not limited to, our finances.  We think that a great way to acknowledge this fact, and to show our trust in Him to continue to provide for us, is to give some back to Him (also, He tells us to do this!).  

We don’t want anyone to feel pressure, so we simply leave a box in the back for people to leave their offering at any point in the service.  Alternately, you may give directly through the website or by using the app Tithe.ly However you give, do it cheerfully to the Lord, trusting that He will bless you in far greater ways!

What funds do in the community and kingdom…

Woodland does our best to be good stewards of the money that is given.  Some goes to salary, some to the school where we meet, some for the other things needed to run a church.  But we also use some to support other ministries locally and beyond, some to bless people in our community who need help, and some is saved to make sure our ministry doesn’t need to stop at any time.  If you’d like to talk specifics, we’re happy to do that with you.


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