Thinking about a visit and wondering what to expect?

When you come to Woodland, you can expect to be welcomed and comfortable.  Just like when a new neighbor comes to our house for the first time, we are genuinely excited to have new friends join us.  We’ll show you around and help you get some coffee and donuts. We’ll invite you to sit with us for the service. And if you say you’re fine on your own, we’ll be happy to give you the space you prefer.  

What are our services like?

We’re serious about our faith, and serious about making it fun.  We don’t think those things are mutually exclusive. We want everyone to be able to engage with the music and the sermon.  Jokes abound, although how funny they are admittedly varies….

How long are they?

Services generally run from 10:00-11:20, and if they go longer, you have our permission to get up and walk out!

What is our style of worship?

We aim to incorporate variety in our worship time--from leaders to song styles to themes for any given morning.  Generally, we’re upbeat and current, some might even say post-contemporary (but we don’t know what that means any more than you!).

What is the message like?

We try to keep our messages (relatively!) short and very applicable to life.  We believe the Bible is as relevant to us today just as it was when it was written.  We just need to be able to listen to what God is saying, and the sermons are meant to aid us in this way.

Typical attire?

Come as you are (dressed, please…)!  We’re a pretty informal group, so you’ll find a lot of jeans and related attire.  But whatever works for you, works for us.